Anger Reflects on Her Personal Growth

Wednesday November 19 2014
by Guest Author

A surface capable of reflecting light to form an image of an object placed in front of it.

The mirror told me
I looked great,
even though
my hair was wilted
and dry, ready to catch,

Something that faithfully reflects or gives a true picture of something else.

and my ribs AS spokes,
arms like wicks,
waxen skin.
I burned for kindling.

(A flat mirror causes distortion,

I listened
when the mirror tells us
to simmer down,
slim down, torch
calories, incense
prayers to holy
bony collarbones,
frails wrists,
thigh gaps.
The mirror never reveals
that imitation asphyxiates,
ashes life away.

it produces a virtual or unreal image;

Full enlightenment
took years.
The process
was slow, but
gradually, I grew
a tiny flame.

these images are unequal to the objects being reflected.)

I started to smolder.
I curved out,
sputtered desperately for change.
But the mirror was smooth,
reflecting and deflecting
my hot accusations.

Something worthy of imitation.

How to feed the cinnamon flame?
I smoked at the mirror and
I blinked back,
my eyes seemed dead and black and that’s
when the gasoline fear finally
I unleashed a flaming
mane, body blazed
a scream.
I phoenixed through the mirror,

A mirror’s reflective surface is viewed through a medium;

that tarnished silver,
nothing more than a
layer of thin

also called a looking


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