For those who make their own heroes

HVNGRY Magazine was active between 2014 – 2016 and has now discontinued publishing. What you see on this website is the archival version of the website, retrieved on 7th February 2019. All content retains its copyright with its respective authors.

Who We Are

HVNGRY is an online publication for teen girls (and boys) wanting more from mainstream media. It’s a belly full of inspiration, motivation, passion, power, and taking-over-the-world.

We’re here to feature amazing works, thoughts, creations, etc with a focus on lovely things like body positivity, intersectionality and openness.

HVNGRY is and always will be an independent media outlet with no affiliation to big media companies. This website was started and is sustained by passionate writers, creators and thinkers with their personal time and money. We're just a bunch of debt-ridden current and ex students, passionate about making a positive influence in the world.

Our History

The idea came one day as Serena found herself waiting in an upscale men’s clothing shop, while her partner tried on expensive linens. Picking up a men’s magazine, she flipped through, and in five minutes saw the reality behind hours of discussions about gender, power and prominence. In place of a gallimaufry of diets were how-tos in self-motivation. The gossip section about stars’ latest scandals were replaced by negotiation strategies for higher salaries. It was clear that gender equality, like repeats of Friends, was a modern fairy tale we point to as a comforting reality (but who really spends 10 years living in New York City interacting with zero people of colour?).

A screenshot of a Facebook status lamenting the state of girls' magazines.

The response was significant, but not surprising. Too long have we looked to media for inspiration, only to be met with limitations. It was then that Maddy, a fellow honours physics student; and Emily, a biochem / business major, got into talks about making this magazine a reality. An anonymous survey was created and sent out, and the response was everything from hilarious to inspirational to heartbreaking.

“Stop eating or you’ll get fat”, answers a nameless 13-year-old when asked what she would tell her past self. “I would tell myself not to be afraid to put myself out there,” remarks a 14-year-old from New Plymouth. When asked to describe themselves, another 13-year-old spat out: “Ugly and funny and cool and fat”. Thirteen years of age and already media has affected our girls to the very bone of how they view themselves and their value as human beings.

They are not without dreams. Another 13-year-old looks to go to medical school to become a lab technician. Another 14-year-old aspires to study fashion at Parson’s New School of Design in New York City. They want kids, a career; a full and happy life. Why do we underestimate them so? So often are teens girls reduced to the image of brainless, rampant fans screaming about the next Twilight movie -- they deserve a space where their voices are respected, their worries addressed and their aspirations fuelled.

Our Readers

Power. Passion. Woman kings and rulers of industry. Girl scientists with their sleeves rolled up and heads aimed at the heavens. Girl artists with magic in their hands and stardust on their eyes. Girls who blink and reality shivers. Girls taking over the world. Girls supporting girls. Girls who are HVNGRY for more.

Our Mission

  • To challenge the negative media landscape by promoting self-love and acceptance, body positivity; physical and mental health.
  • To inspire our readers to pursue their passions and equip them with the guidance and self-confidence needed to do so.
  • To sustain our business and writers so that we educate more and more global youth, inspiring them to question and challenge.

Our Founding Principles


Our Manifesto

You know the feeling. The need of something more whilst flipping through magazine pages, plastered with size zero models and photoshopped actresses. The want to read and write about your interests, your passions, instead of aspiring to the unattainably narrow definition of “beauty”. That hunger that leaves you empty after neverending articles telling you to be smaller, quieter; “how to look perfect for him” -- like reality is good but never good enough.

Well guess what: we’re not just good enough; we’re better. HVNGRY is the antidote to a poisonous media landscape. HVNGRY is the breath of fresh air as we learn to truly celebrate ourselves and each other. HVNGRY is the inspiration that shows us what we’re all capable of, and HVNGRY is the friendships that support and guide us along the way.

Our Potential

We aim to create a community of realistic young women who are inspired to do something and have a place to be supported.  There are so many opportunities for featuring young talent and helping them to find ways to use that talent. Our hope is that this will not only become a supportive community where you can get interesting content but also a place for people to share their creations.

This doesn’t stop at the generation of women who will read our content, it leads to the creation of a new future perspective on humanity.