Friday July 18 2014
by Liz

Once upon a time in a land not so far away
Two girls and a fluffy friend wanted to play
They packed up a bag and ran away from the city
Taking only shoes and hats, and all things pretty
Dressed in polka dots, lace, and everything bright
The two girls and their fluffy friend were a swonderful sight

When I think vintage, I think fabulous, unique and well made. On the flipside, it can be frustratingly difficult to find items that are in good condition (i.e. aren’t torn or stained) and that come in your size (i.e. aren’t only available in a size 4). Fear not vintage lovers, with crafty craftsmen like Ginny, Frances and Eloise from Swonderful Boutique living on our back door step, we have more choice than you can shake a fabulous stick at. When HVNGRY got our hot little hands on their handmade vintage-inspired goodies – we were in fashion heaven. What’s more, Swonderful is 100% sweatshop free and made here in New Zealand – so kudos to small NZ businesses who are making a positive difference! (and making us feel fancy).

Clothing and accessories from Swonderful Boutique on Cuba Street

Styling, makeup and direction: Liz Odey
Photography and editing: Serena Chen
Models: Hope Vega, Tara Ryan and Pixie











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