I’m a music nerd. If you were in search of me on a Wednesday night, you would find me at a gig by the bar, with a coke zero in hand, awkwardly tweeting my experiences with undertones of sarcasm and a dash of snarky wit. Through these  experiences I’ve realized how much I love listening to music  at home. So when the awkwardness and fear of social situations gets too much for me, there is always my iPod and comfort under the sheets.

What I hadn’t noticed, however, was that my love for music had been without a little added ingredient. As I scrolled through the vast cyberspace that is tumblr, I came across something that I had never seen before. Something that once I found, I would never be complete without.

The Spectacular Now, and Rainymood.

Rainymood is a site for all pluviophiles out there.

Not as disturbing as it sounds, a pluviophile is a person who finds comfort in rainy days. The sound of the rain on the rooftop, the snug atmosphere that rain creates. I mean, who doesn’t mind getting close and romantic to a little someone after a nice hot shower next to a roaring hot fire? It brings that whole atmosphere back again.

It was suggested to me that I add Rainymood in the background to the music I listening to, something quiet and full of feeling. At the time I was discovering Keaton Henson, We Are Trees and Daughter. All perfect artists to add to any Rainymood playlist.

So when you’re feeling at your utmost worst, or need a little something to calm you down, put on a record, light a scented candle, lie down and turn on Rainymood. The effect will leave you breathless. ∆

Published by Adriana

A 25 year old Italian Australian (hopeful teacher) Suffers from wanderlust and romanticizing the silliest of things. Dreamer and Music lover :)

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  1. This is a wonderful combination. There is just something about it on this cold Friday evening that is just so right.