The Dreamer Generation

Monday November 9 2015
by Adriana

It's late, I've spent most of my night weeping and catching up with multiple episodes of Doctor Who that I've avoided.
Why, You may ask?
Well, I guess I put off these few episodes because I didn't believe I was ready for Matt Smith's send off, and I think I was right. I sat through most of it crying and sobbing, riding the emotional roller- coaster, hoping, fingers crossed that it hadn't ended, that there would be a smidgen more.
When I finally thought I had moved on I went into the first episode of season 8 and ohhhh boy a certain phone call sent me out on a loop. (Don't even get me started)

The reason I am bringing my emotional collapse to light is that through the watching of the shows that I love, the movies I watch, the books I read and I have noticed one thing in particular,the thing that seems to connect a lot of people in the same conundrum of partaking in an aspect of science fiction or fantasy,and that is that we are all losing part of ourselves into these worlds.

For a moment, we are living alongside the characters we love, exploring and experiencing their world. I guess, when we love something we really put our heart and soul into it. After it's over, there's this moment of distorted reality where we need to detach ourselves from the make believe and adjust ourselves into the ordinary.

But why do I call the youth of today the 'Dreamer generation'? surely there are many years where people have escaped from the reality of their hectic lives to get away from it all and fall into the fiction of a comic, film or book.

I guess that this generation changed when Harry Potter was brought into our lives. Not only did our generation grow up alongside Harry as we read along with him, but we also fell into the world of Hogwarts and the lifestyle that it enabled us to imagine.

Sure we've had many other influential media outlets in the past to get us dreaming *cough Star Wars *cough

But I bring up Harry Potter because it started a whirlwind of interest into the possibility of fantasy, into the belief that hopefully our letter's had been lost in the mail, that given the chance we would know for certain what House we'd all be a part of (Hufflepuff and proud) and guessing what the shape our own personal patronus would be.

We are the dreamer generation because we detach ourselves from what is going on around us to escape and live in a place not like our own.

We are the dreamer generation because we realize that there is more to life than just reality, it is the fantasy that our minds enable us to explore, and sometimes that's just enough.▼








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