Playlist Pride

Monday November 10 2014
by Bridie

When I read the theme of HVNGRY this month was "Pride" my immediate thought was: “What am I proud of?” The first thing that came to mind was my taste in music, or lack thereof. I mean this in the best way possible. Assumption can be a bitch and if someone were to look at me, I would hate to think they'd make a quick assumption about what I listen to and therefore who I am as a person.

The fact is, my music taste stretches across genres, countries, instruments, members, bands, DJs, singers and doesn’t stop short of something that some would call ridiculous. Personally, I take pride in this and feel like it makes up the person I am. I constantly crave new artists and new music. With an open mind, you can find yourself  in a magical place where literally any type of music is possible.

Why is it okay for us to judge how music makes someone feel? I asked around and the responses varied from sheepish to logical. One friend said that she “was only embarrassed because people might not appreciate it the same way”. She was talking about ground-breaking artist Ray Charles who essentially created a little genre called soul.

Another person said "there is 'musical conscience''. I refuse to listen to Chris Brown because he beat up Rihanna”. Maybe we need to look at why we feel guilty. A comment was also made about the way certain bands look - while they may not be "cool" to like, it is generally assumed that in today's entertainment industry "sex sells".

At the end of the day, maybe we could learn something from one another. Negative judgement on how music makes you feel is unjustified, so should we feel guilty or should we take pride in whatever it is we are trying to hide?

With this in mind, I provide you with some of what I would call my musical "guilty pleasures". These songs have shaped me and created who I am today – they are an extension of myself. I take full ownership of this music taking up space on my iPod, and have no shame whatsoever in claiming this as my personal taste in music. Music is one of the greatest connectors we have and instead of dismissing people's taste, shouldn't we embrace it and continue connecting? Stop trying to justify your tastes and be who you are; regardless of what you wear, what's cool and what everyone likes.

Firstly, I take you back to the early '90s when acid jazz was short-lived and electronic music was in its simpler, slower days. Jamiroquai rose to popularity in the early 2000s and brought in four Grammys to match. Feeling-wise, it's funky and makes you want to dance.

The one thing that you cannot beat in life is a solid sing along. The early 2000s was prime for this. While I still don't fully know all the words to this song, it makes me happy and singing it couldn't possibly bring me any more joy. Third Eye Blind are one of those iconic, early 2000s alty rock bands that star on every rom-com soundtrack that came out as I grew up. Just jam it.

Call it factory pop, call it shit, call them untalented, but hell, if I want to feel like an empowered woman, no one's going to stand in  my way. Girls Aloud are easily one of the UK's, if not the world's, greatest girl groups. Not to mention they are complete stunners.

In my mind, this is one of the greatest pop songs ever written. I haven't been to the USA but Miley takes me there. I haven't ever worn cowboy boots either but Miley makes me want to. I also can feel dreams in my cardigan. Thank you Miley and may you forever continue to do your thing.

Another factor that people should take into consideration before they decide to publicly humiliate someone for their music taste, is that for each person, different memories are associated with music. Nothing says my father like Van Morrison. It's beautiful music.

Old school hip-hop – nothing is as good as De La Soul on a sunny Saturday morning.

With all that out in the open, I challenge you to comment below with your own music "shame". Let it out and embrace your inner music freak. ▼

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