First Aid

Sunday February 9 2014
by Sophia

Back To School First Aid Kit

I don’t know about you, but the first week of school is always when I injure myself. It seems within the week I have about ten blisters on each foot, slight sunburn on the back of my neck because your hair needs to ~not touch your collar~, and bruises from where I’ve walked into things because school is full of reflective surfaces and it’s confusing.

So here is a cheap and easy first aid kit you can put together yourself to help be less injured:


Get a wee tube for bruises and to help take down swelling.

Aloe Vera

Particularly for summer but also if you’re clumsy with cooking/making tea/being near hot things. It soothes burns and you can put it on broken skin as well as sunburn etc.


Preferably manuka but other honeys are also good! Honey is mad antiseptic (and costs way less than fancy antiseptic creams) and helps with healing of burns, cuts, and scrapes. Plus, it works pretty well as an emergency toast spread. Just use a different knife to the one you use for healing.

Those are things you can keep at home for some self-care after a long day at school. The following bits and pieces would work well as a travel first-aid kit.

Sticking plasters

Blisters are the worst but they are particularly bad when they pop. Help your blisters go down without exploding by putting sticking plasters over them ASAP.

Makeup Remover

Not only good for removing makeup! If you get a liquid one with high alcohol content, you can use makeup remover to clean basically everything, and disinfect things in a pinch.

Liquid eyeliner

You’re gonna have a few of those days where everything is just terrible and you’re highly strung and life sucks. When they strike, go and put on your liquid eyeliner. Not only will it work as your battle armour against the world, the time it takes to get the wings even will take your mind off things and give you enough time to calm down. If you’re not a makeup girl, put it on and then take it off again with the makeup remover above. Nobody has to be any the wiser, and you’ve given yourself some down time.



Libra heat pads

If you have PMS to worry about, these are much more portable and subtle than a wheat bag. Libra heat pads also work well if you get back pain or if it’s the middle of winter and you want an extra bit of warmth, but the sticking bits aren’t great so be wary of that.

With these in your arsenal, you’re ready to take on the world! (not that you weren’t before, just now you can do it in a slightly more comfortable fashion)

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