Fake Geek Girls

Saturday February 1 2014
by Serena

Happy Saturday Arvo, everyone! Today's vid is by the lovely Angelina, who talks about the notion of the "fake geek girl".

A "fake geek girl" is a female fan (said to be conventionally attractive but, like other misogynist labels, can be applied to any female) who pretends to enjoy a particular facet of geek culture (comics, games, etc) for the attention of boys. While I'm sure that the amount of attention-seeking females is nonzero (and probably just as many as the number of attention-seeking males), the idea that just because a girl is both attractive and enjoys geek culture means that she's "faking it", is, clearly, ridonkulous.

The only thing I have to add though, is this hilarious post that came across my dash on tumblr one day:

[caption id="attachment_588" align="aligncenter"]I am laughing forever I am laughing forever[/caption]

Anyhoos, here's the video!

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