Going Vintage – A Mid-Summer Soirée

Sunday January 26 2014
by Bee

Confetti, candles, candy and balloons. Lots of balloons. It was our first issue after all– a little party never killed nobody. This shoot was all about having fun, with a vintage twist. See below on some tips for adding vintage to your wardrobe, and if you’re in Wellington, check out Emporium Boutique, where all the clothing was sourced for this piece. Hopefully it will satisfy your fashion Hvnger cravings.

All clothing courtesy of the ever-amazing Emporium Vintage Boutique, Cuba St, Wellington. You can check them out on Facebook or pop in to see them and get lost in the wondrous, vintagey goodness.

Art Direction & Photography: Belinda Craigie
Lighting & Post-production: Serena Chen
Makeup: Ellie Craigie
Models & Fellow Directors: Charlotte Lawton, Eliza Romanos, Serena Chen
Set courtesy of Charlotte and all the cool peeps at Holland Street.
















Adding vintage clothing to your wardrobe is easy for several reasons. For one, vintage clothing is accessible and affordable: from boutiques to thrift stores, to your grandmother’s closet, it is quite glorious how many great things you can find if you spare some time and use some initiative.

Emporium clothes on the rack

Another bonus of going vintage is that it is tolerant and inclusive. Well, for the most part anyway. Sometimes you can get some weird size issues going on, but usually it’s just a matter of trying everything (sometimes in the store) on until you find a piece that’s the perfect fit for your body. Vintage clothing comes in a lot of different sizes and styles to suit you and your personality. I own vintage pieces that are really different, and love dressing to suit a particular mood or convey a particular style.

One other great aspect of buying vintage garments is that you will probably be the only person in your neighbourhood/city/country/the world with that awesome dress/skirt/shirt/pair of shoes. Your vintage piece is exclusively yours. Not to mention that when you're buying vintage, you're essentially recycling materials, labour and shipping costs, meaning you're being a savvy, eco-friendly shopper. Kudos to you!

To find some great vintage stuff, have a look around your neighbourhood for a boutique, peruse the local opshop, rifle through your parent/grandparent’s ‘old stuff’ or if all else fails, do what you always do and find it on the Internet. ▼

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