Pepper: Meth, heroine, cocaine, etc. are not mind-expanding substances. They also have seriously detrimental effects on your body, whether they kill you or not (and they may). There is a massive difference in the effect these drugs have vs. psychedelics like LSD/mushrooms, and also marijuana. Ecstacy/MDMA can also kill, but seems to fall between these two categories. There’s definitely no way I want to tell teenagers to try acid, but if they’re going to, I definitely would like them to know that if they get into a bad feeling, it’s NOT going to kill them, and there are simple strategies for getting yourself back to a higher plane. I dunno.

Natasha: Exactly. The amount of times I’ve had to explain bad trips to people and when not to do acid/shrooms and how to have a pleasant experience is a testament to how little people know.

Kathy: About the scaremongering methcon guy at highschool, that’s exactly my experience too and is precisely why we need honesty and transparency about drug education. I know when I realised how much of the drug education I’d been given was exaggerated propaganda, my first response was “shit if that wasn’t true, I’d don’t know if anything they said was true; better try for myself to find out!” And I know I wouldn’t have trusted those people if I’d needed help.

Pepper: That’s exactly what I was referring to earlier. You smoke weed ONCE, your realize that whole spiel about it is absolute BS. Then you extend that logic to other drugs, and if you’re not the smartest tool in the shed, that can land you in BIG trouble.

Kathy: Oh just a side note thought, I know we’re an international writing base but from an NZ perspective I think we need more of a focus on teen education around huffing and sniffing or drinking solvents rather than meth etc, I don’t think all that shit gets mentioned that much but is much more accessible and causes more deaths here.

Pepper: Well, luckily, I think we’re going to have substantial number of articles on the topic, I think, so we can cover that as well as the “fun” drugs.

Natasha: That is true. Back in high school my friends did a whole lot of nos and one friend got an amyl nitrate habit…

Pepper: I huffed ether before I had access to decent drugs. I am not a dumb person, but this was incredibly stupid and due to having NO DRUG EDUCATION.

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