This is a tip that has been used by many cultures across the globe for as long as anyone can remember. It is a trick that has been found in even some of the most remote tribes of Papua New Guinea and it’s still being used today!

Follow these steps for this proven method and soon you’ll be noticing people turning their heads for a second glance.

Start with a clean face: wash your face normally, pat dry with a towel and then moisturise (if moisturiser your your thing).

If you have long hair it is best to tie your hair back, we don’t want it obscuring any of your face.

Now you’ll need a mirror for this part, and good lighting. Stand or sit in front of the mirror. Good. Now while you’re there take a look at that face. What a nice face that is. Just check that out! Aren’t you lucky to have that representing you?

Ok so here is the trick. You’re gonna have to curve the sides of your lips up. Both of them towards your eyes.  This may cause your cheeks to become fuller and your eyes to crinkle a bit but that means you’re doing it right. Just smile. First smile like a stranger smiled at you in the street. Then, once you get comfortable with that, try exposing your teeth a little. Smile like the cute barista gave you extra marshmallows. Having mastered this all you have to do now is go all in. A big toothy grin that reaches your eyes. Smile like out of nowhere someone came up to you in the street and told you that you have a brilliant smile.


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