Some preliminary things while we finish up the full privacy policy and terms & conditions:

  • All opinions published on this website are not representative of HVNGRY as a whole. We’re here to start a conversation, people!
  • If you register an account with us, we will never share indentifiable personal info with third party companies. Do be aware of any malware on your computers, or people looking over your shoulder.
  • But if you send us an email saying that you like, killed a dude, well, uh, whoa. That’s not cool. But yeah, we will only share your personal info under extreme circumstances such as a subpoena.
  • We can only do our best to protect your personal info on this website — if we link to an external site, they might not have the same privacy policies! Something to keep in mind. Be safe on the internet, everyone!
  • This document is subject to change!
  • Hey if you’re under the age of 13, please don’t register with us. We can’t collect any personal info of people under 13 so don’t be a dick, okay?
  • When registering to comment, don’t share your full name / other identifying info. That’s like Internet 101.
  • All of the data on this website is the result of hard hard work by our core team, and the user submitted content is the hard hard work of their respective authors! Don’t steal! Content is protected by a shitload of intellectual property laws and all ownership remains with us and our respective contributors.
  • If you’re being a dick in the comments section, we reserve the right to remove your comment.
  • If you submit a piece of work to us then you agree to let us edit, publish, distribute your work. Seems like a no-brainer but blah blah legal stuff blah
  • You agree that submitting a piece of work does not entitle you to moneys, unless we have discussed it and given written consent from all three in our core team.
  • Submitting a piece of work to HVNGRY means you still own it! You’re just giving us permission to publish it. We reserve the right to remove any content without prior notice, but we’ll do our best to let you know if anything comes up beforehand. You have all the rights to publish it elsewhere, though include a link to HVNGRY if it was published here first 🙂
  • We will assume the user has made sure no copyright infringements have been made in user submitted content. We ask all authors to attach sources for any quotes, images, etc. If there is no attached citation, we will assume everything’s ok to use.
  • If you feel that we’ve published something that infringes copyright, shoot us an email at, and we’ll  address it.
  • Though we strive to be as informed as possible, citing sources whenever we can, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we’ll screw up. Don’t take everything we say as gospel and fact. If you’ve any concerns at all, feel free to hit us up with an email, we want this to be good for everyone. Don’t message us through anon if it’s about legal things — we won’t be able to address it if you do. We want this to be good for everyone! <3

Right, that was weird. We’ll have an official, shiny and formal legal document up soon. Bear with us!