How to: Stencil a Badass Thing of Your Own Design

Maybe making your own clothes more unique appeals to you. Maybe you want a cheap way to personalise team shirts. Maybe you want to stencil Daenerys Targaryen’s face onto a pillow and sleep next to it. I don’t know. All I know is that with this how-to, you can easily (and affordably) stencil fabric, even […]

Sally-Ann Moffat Talks Fashion, Happiness, and Doing What You Love

Sally-Ann Moffat is a New Zealand stylist who works with people to help them make the most out of their wardrobes by teaching them how to style themselves, and ultimately feel more confident. Sally-Ann has worked in almost all areas of the fashion industry: a model, fashion buyer, retailer, fashion show organiser, stylist, vlogger, blogger, […]