In the last few weeks I started my new big kid job. I also bought a car and moved out of my temporary living space (aka my parents house) and into a new flat.

In all honesty I still have only a vague idea of what I am doing in this new job of mine. Something to do with food, and stock, and keeping clients stocked with food. Last week I tried sending 166kg of food stock through a PO box slot. Ah well its all a learning process right? Sometimes you just need to be thrown in the deep end and pray that everything will work out ok. That is sort of how I felt about making doughnuts the other weekend. I can definitely relate to the poor balls of dough being thrown in a pot of bubbling hot oil!

Having never made doughnuts in my life before I set out to make a ‘Thanks for picking me as your new flat mate” treat for my wonderful new flat mates.

I found my new flat mates on Trademe. I likened it to blind dating.

My first ever blind dating experience turned out to be a raging success and the brave young man still puts up with my cake crazed personality six months later (thanks Tinder!). So to continue on with my blind date winning streak, my new flat mates also turned out to be amazing. It was love at first text. They are three of the most brilliant, intelligent, sassy and beautiful young women I have ever met. I have a feeling this is going to be an excellent year full of girl power, wine and hilariousness.

So throwing caution and my well balanced diet to the wind I set out on a great deep-fried sweet bread adventure.

Little and Friday have an infamous reputation when it comes to making the most amazing custard filled doughnuts. I sought expert advice and turned to the pages of their latest book Celebrations by Kim Evans.

I must have been feeling particularly adventurous when I decided to bypass the simple custard donuts and instead choose to make the chocolate chilli custard donuts.

I did make a few alterations to the recipe though. I reduced the amount of butter in the dough from 100g to 70g and only put in 350g of dark chocolate into the custard as my visa debit was feeling too much of a pinch to invest in 500g.

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The name’s Sophie Edmonds, like the cookbook but of no relation unfortunately. I have just graduated with honours from the University of Otago where I spent my time apparently studying food science. In reality I spent most of my time baking, cooking and pretending to know what on earth I was talking about. I am now entering the real world with not one single clue on how to be an adult. Why don’t they teach Adulthood 101 at uni? Like how does one get insurance and how on earth do you buy a car??? Anyway I am a self taught foodie with a passion for sharing the calorific love via means of the internet (or NZ Post for a lucky select few). I love dark chocolate gelato, Beyonce and bush walking. You can also find me on Peace out!

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