A Sad Story of Unemployment

King of annoying salesmen, Dwight Schrute.

So I thought finding a job in Wellington would be easy. Feel free to scoff at my naivety at this point – its all downhill from here- “I’m an intelligent1, well-presented2, friendly3 student, with free time on my hands. Who wouldn’t want that?” is sort of what I assume I was thinking.

It turns out the answer was  “Everybody”. I was spurred on initially by the ads on Trademe that, somewhat suspiciously, didn’t care about any lack of experience and promised a summer “outside in the sun” in Wellington, with a “great team of people”. The thing that should have really ignited my suspicion, however, was the amount of exclamation marks in the advertisements. Two separate companies, who both saw fit, apparently independently, to put ads up with more than three exclamation marks next to each other should have made me question the sanity of the people working in sales.

Sadly it didn’t.

Before I knew it, I was sitting upstairs in a flash office trying to sell the idea that I would be good at sales. Not to spoil the ending; but that was my first and only convincing sale.

A few days later, myself and 3 other girls – all with slightly desperate looks still showing through our best approximations of ‘sales make-up’ were inducted into the thrilling and dynamic world of being ‘human commercials TM’. (As much as I wish I did, I didn’t actually make this bit up.)

“It’s face to face marketing! We approach people where they are comfortable- in their own homes- and provide them with the opportunity to receive a better deal on their product!! Who wouldn’t want that?! Right?! Right guys?!”

I was forced to agree. Obviously, people would be surprised and grateful that the possibility to pay less on their power-bill had quite literally, come knocking. We’d probably be run off our feet making all the calls to confirm that yes, we have made another sale, and by the way, yes we would be going to after-work drinks.

1 Not yet failing
2 Sort of presentable
3 Not TOO socially awkward

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